Adaptive ForagingAdaptive Foraging #2Physically CulturedPhysically Cultured #2Continuity Continuity (400% Detail)Continuity #4CarapaceCarapace (400% Detail)Dance of Cthulu's DaughterThe Dance of Cthulhu's Daughter (400% Detail)Carney BarkerCarney Barker (400% Detail)Carney Barker #2Encounter at The WellEncounter at the Well (400% Detail)The Self InquisitionistThe Self Inquisitionist (400% Detail)The Self Inquistionist (Process Detail)The Self Inquisitionist (Process Detail)The Self Inquistionist (Print/Scale Detail)The Wax TicklerThe Wax Tickler (400% Detail)The Wax Tickler (Production Detail)The Wax Tickler (Production Detail)The Wax Tickler (Production Detail)The Uncertainty Principle The Uncertainty Principle - 400% DetailThe Uncertainty Principle - Production Detail 01The Uncertainty Principle - Production Detail 02The Shrouded MireThe Shrouded Mire - 400% DetailThe Shrouded Mire - Production Detail 01The Shrouded Mire - Production Detail 02The Shrouded Mire - Production Detail 03The Shrouded Mire - Production Detail 04
This body of work exercises my boyhood love of creating dioramas, and the narrative potential of creating miniature worlds. I work in a practice that strives to combine the pictorial elegance of a gum-bichromate print by Robert Demachy with the grand scope of contemporary science fiction. Each piece in the series begins with the construction of a miniature set created out of found objects, and customized ready-made materials. After carefully lighting and photographing these sculptures, I photograph real people along with other full-sized props to “populate” and complete the environment.

I employ an anachronistic process of combining digital imaging with gum bichromate printing. A layer of gum emulsion is hand applied to a sheet of watercolor paper and then exposed using a color-separated digital negative. Layer by layer the digital image is reassembled into a full-color gum print. During the intense developing process I selectively remove bits of emulsion and expressively gesture, revealing my hand. The intensely manipulated final print is both rich in tone and surface depth.